Bitter Women


There are many reasons why marriages/relationships do not work. In all honesty there is rarely situations were the blame can be placed on only one partner. For the most part both people contributed the the demise of the marriage/relationship.

While women and men alike can cause issues after a breakup, I want to address women specifically; more specifically I want to speak about women who have children by their ex husbands/boyfriends.

Many women become FLATOUT bitter. I recently watched a clip on Facebook of a ‘child’ who put hair remover in her stepmother’s shampoo and conditioner causing permanent hair loss. What struck me is after sharing the video, how a woman commented that the stepmother mother was probably a ‘nasty woman’ and she was humbled by the daughter.


She went on to say that second wives are second stringers, and or alternative wives. So I had to evaluate this lady for a moment because I truly wanted to know where she was coming from. Then I realized that, she’s simply a BITTER BITCH. She’s a mother of 2 or 3 children with not a committed man in sight and the thought that the men she had children with moving on and having successful and happy marriages with other women is too hard to deal with.

My concern with this situation is simply the children. I have no doubt that women who are this damn angry and bitter are teaching their children the same. I have no doubt that they are making it difficult for the children and fathers to have a strong and loving relationship with one another. I’m certain that they feel comfortable inappropriately inserting themselves in places they have no business and doing so while using their children as justification.

Listen sistah….

Please walk away from the Bitter Baby Mama Club. It doesn’t serve you, it hinders you. If you want to be happy, and in a committed relationship then you should let go of the relationship and man that let go of you. You don’t have to be best friends with his new lady, but you could certainly be courteous and respectfully of her and their relationship. Be an example to your kids. I know it’s not easy. Hell after you give your all to a man, and bare his child(ren) just to get hurt, and lose it all is undoubtly a traumatic and devastating experience. What’s worse though is wasting anymore time, energy and emotions on a dead situation. Walk away with grace; if for no other reason to save face. Don’t continously embarrass yourself with the bitter bitch activities. You’re playing yourself and setting a bad example to your children. Find peace. He did……


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