Random Thoughts of a 30 Something Black Girl

This is the post excerpt.


So………. far too often I have so much to say. Some things I feel are important, that could help others. Sometimes what I have to say is just funny as hell but not something that I’d like to say out loud. Sometimes what I have to say is too painful to express to people I know. Other times I am unable to articulate things in a way that it will be received as I would like it to be. These random thoughts, and feelings had to go somewhere, and so this blog was born. This blog will literally cover any and everything that I think and feel and so sometimes it will seem like there is no cohesiveness; be prepared for that if plan to follow.

I am currently 33 years old, and I am married with 2 kids. I find that at this point in my life my thoughts tend to land and focus on how I feel as a black woman in my environment, men and our (women) relationships with them, my relationships with my MANY sisters, and other day-to-day stuff. We’ll see how this goes…….